23 February, 2014

Soft Riot News Update

Soft Riot - Fiction Prediction LP available for $10 at our webstore/bandcamp
Soft Riot - No Longer Stranger LP available for $8 at our webstore/bandcamp

Both LPs also available via Revolver/Midheaven mailorder, Rough TradeCarrot Top, and X-Mist Germany.

Last year saw the release on Volar of Soft Riot's first LP, No Longer Stranger, an eight-song collection going back to the days when SR one-man act Jack Duckworth, of Radio Berlin and Savage Furs, first started recording under the moniker in 2006, and expanded from the six-song EP of the same name that was released digitally on Panospria in 2011. A buddy of mine was DJing tracks from that EP in the bar one night, and I was immediately taken. Two days later, I tracked down Jack through Facebook, told him that I had to put it out on vinyl, and we went from there. He was already in the middle of working on newer, more "pop" tracks that would eventually make up the Fiction Prediction LP, which is finally available on vinyl and digitally via Volar, in conjunction with Other Voices in Russia, who are handling those duties over there and in parts of Europe.

Via the Soft Riot website:
The next upcoming Soft Riot release is a free, digital single of two “outtake” tracks from Fiction Prediction. These tracks, “The Garden Party” and “Read You Like An Electronic Book” were developed alongside the current tracks on that album but didn’t make the cut. Nevertheless they’re still an interesting listening. This will be released as part on the ongoing digital 7″ series by American web-label Everything Is Chemical entitled EIC 7″. This release comes out 13 March 2014. More details to come next month!

Also continuing with his series of "re-versions" (amongst these was the great version of "Don't Let Me Down" by Window Twins, the collaboration between Tim Cohen of Magic Trick/Fresh and Onlys and Jon Bernson of Exrays, listen below). The other upcoming takes include Celebration's "Razor's Edge" from their new LP due out in the coming months, as well as versions for Attrition, Keluar, and TSTI.

Among his recent excursions, Jack took part in this interview and contributed a mix-tape for Abbatoir Live a couple of weeks ago leading up to an event he was playing:

Also recently, Tuesday SOFT RIOT was in the studio at London’s Resonance 104.4 FM as a guest on the show “A Colder Consciousness”, hosted by Flora Pitrolo, London's premier synth-wave independent radio program. Pitrolo went so far as to call Soft Riot "one of the most original new electronic acts in London", and Jack contributed a handful of songs, listed below.

“The Hole” – Susan Justin
“Educated Man” – Images In Vogue
“Fallout” – Data
“Lawnchairs (original mix)” – Our Daughters Wedding
“Burn My Eyes” – Steven Grandell
“Dynamo Beat” – Shock
“Save Our Souls” – Second Layer
“Varsavia” – Ein-st-ein

Also, a few months, Jack contributed to the great Warmer Climes blog, detailing thirteen of his favorite tracks both as of late and going back much farther.

There's plenty more on the horizon for Soft Riot in the near future, including more European dates and tracks and the like. Stream both No Longer Stranger and Fiction Prediction below, and be sure to pick up limited copies at our webstore.

10 December, 2013

Destruction Unit/Ryan Rousseau distro - Sonoran/Deep Trip/Void/Discover

It's been a crazy post-Mayan-apocalypse for Destruction Unit. After founding member Ryan Rousseau revived the act in late 2010 not long after the passing of his longtime friend and bandmate, Jay Reatard, with whom he cut his teeth alongside in the Reatards and who he started Destruction Unit with in its initial recordings as a more synth-punk act. The newly revamped version of D. Unit saw Ryan pushing his new bandmembers in a more space/kraut/psych direction. I caught them at the Tower Bar here in San Diego playing with my roommate's band the Stalins of Sound to ten people, and needless to say, I was floored. I knew his Ryan was after having seen him in the Wongs and Earthmen and Strangers and Tokyo Electron, but now that I had this label thing going, I knew I had to work with him. Ryan hadn't released anything as Destruction Unit in a few years, and we first started talking about a 7", but eventually Ryan revealed to me that he was recording a full-length LP (Sonoran) for me to put out. That's how those things work sometimes.

Cut to April 2011 when the record finally came out and the Unit finally started playing out more and more. Early 2012 saw them hit the road with Merchandise and their friends in the Men off an on throughout the year, and early 2013 saw the release of Void on Jolly Dream Records, followed by their first proper studio recordings for the Deep Trip LP via our buddies at Sacred Bones and the "Sonic Pearl" 7" via Suicide Squeeze. Rolling Stone, NME, Pitchfork and Vice and plenty of other folks started talking about them as one of the best acts around, and the fellas just last week returned from a rather lengthy tour.

The point of all this is to say, in addition to the recent limited re-pressing of Sonoran on clear wax, we've also got limited copies of Ryan Rousseau's solo LP Discover (30 copies), Deep Trip (15), and Void (10), with a special four-record pack available for $45. We also found a handful of Sonoran test presses (10!) that we're willing to let go of as well. Links/pics/sounds/etc. below.

Sonoran limited clear vinyl - $10

Sonoran SUPER LIMITED test presses (10 copies)  $15

Void LP $14

Deep Trip LP $14

Ryan Rousseau - Discover LP $10

LP Four-pack $45

Destruction Unit - Sonoran full album stream

"Evil Man" (from Void)

"The World on Drugs" (from Deep Trip)

Ryan Rousseau - "Spiders" (not on the Discover LP, just an example of his solo stuff)

24 November, 2013

NEW Tropical Popsicle - Dawn of Delight LP

At long last, we've got the vinyl edition of San Diego goth/psych/garage pop act Tropical Popsicle's debut LP Dawn of Delight in our hands. After releasing the both the "Beach With No Footprints" and "Ghost Beacons" 7"s, as well as a couple of digital EPs floating around in the internet-ether, most of those tracks have been gathered to comprise this here long-player. You can order limited green vinyl for $14 at our online store, and the first fifty orders will receive free copies of the "Ghost Beacons" 7", which includes the otherwise-unavailable track "Skulls in the Stars." Stream the entire LP below via both Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

From their PR bio:

Somewhere in the shadows beneath a consummate sun-drenched pace of life lies hidden occult fantasies that keep you up at night, wherein Tropical Popsicle beckons you into their veiled world. Take the jangly melodies of 60’s garage jams and surf rock inspired by Southern California beaches and cast a psychedelic gloom across the whole coastline; Tropical Popsicle brings the doleful feel of the end of summer, over and over again.

After years playing in straight forward pop bands like the Stereotypes and Lights On, Tim Hines has ventured into his latest solo project, Trop Pop. While still grounded in smart, pop sensibility, Hines’ new sound is layered with complexity and cryptic vagueness.

Tim Hines developed Trop Pop from a solo project to a full band with the edition of three members, Kyle Whatley (guitar, organ, backing vox), Chase Elliott (bass and synths), and Ryan Hand (drums & rattles). Together, they’ve taken what Hines began on the 7" to new realms with The Age of Attraction EP, exemplified by the title track “The Age of Attraction,” a beautiful, hazy gem, tinged with melancholy and infused with timeless hooks that linger for days, as well as the "Beach With No Footprints" and "Ghost Beacons" 7"s. 

Their live set oozes ambiance. Tropical Popsicle has opened for peers King Tuff, White Fence, Crystal Antlers, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Iceage and Times New Viking. Garnering critical acclaim from tastemaking blogs combined with a continuum of emerging tracks online only add to the intrigue surrounding the band, coaxing fans to return for more.


REVIEWS:The Sound of Confusion: “This debut album from Tropical Popsicle is absolutely, brain-soothingly, ear-tinglingly fabulous.”

Lo-Pie: “The sounds on Dawn of Delight are characterized by rhythms that are pulsing, throbbing and metronomic...a wonderful record [that] has a pop sensibility and covers a wide variety of moods.”

When You Motor Away: Dawn of Delight is one of the best ‘out of nowhere’ records I've encountered in years...a true delight - as light and airy in places as the sunniest bit of psychedelic pop ever made, and as heavy in places as, say, the Ramones or Jesus & Mary Chain.”

SD CityBeat: “Specializing in trippy, synth-infused psych-rock, they strike a fine line between pop and gloom with their grimy production quality, fierce live shows and quirky sense of humor.”

17 Seconds: “Basically, if Echo and the Bunnymen were The Doors fronted by Scott Walker, then Tropical Popsicle are…I’m still trying to get an exact handle on this, because from the opening moment of ‘Always Awake In Shadows’ this is an album that delights and surprises as you try to piece individual shands together.”

The Orange Press: “here they wear their influences on their sleeve, and the album is all the more thrilling for it.”

Drowned in Sound: “Fusing West Coast psychedelia with feedback, reverb and all kinds of affluent droning sounds, their Dawn Of Delight long player is one of the finest 2013 has bestowed upon us thus far.”

One Blade Magazine: “Dawn of Delight feels like a warm fire inside a
cold cave, an enormously listenable album with superior continuity.”

Transworld Surf: “Dawn of Delight is a brilliant debut album packed with songs that seamlessly mix dark-wave synth with jangly classic California pop-rock--utterly enjoyable and totally addictive.”

21 October, 2013

RE-PRESSES/TOURS: Destruction Unit, Audacity, Shannon and the Clams, Digital Leather, Lenguas Largas, Cosmonauts

Alrighty, it's been a while, so here's a massive update on all the re-presses and new titles in hand and shipping soon (if not already), as well as tour info when applicable.

First up, the limited clear at vinyl re-pressing of Destruction Unit's Sonoran LP, their 2011 release on Volar. Their first after Ryan Rousseau's reforming of the project after the passing of his friend and D. Unit cofounder, Jay Reatard, in which Rousseau began taking the project away from its synth-punk beginnings into more psych/space/krautrock territory. In the time since, the band has toured with the likes of the Men, Merchandise, and more, and released LPs earlier this year on Jolly Dream and more recently on friends-of-the-label Sacred Bones, which lead the band to some rather noteworthy acclaim by the likes of NME, Vice, and Rolling Stone. A lot of these are spoken for already, but we've still got a good chunk on hand. Stream the LP and order from our webstore and Bandcamp below.

$10 at our webstore

$10 w/ immediate download or just the download at Bandcamp

Tour dates:

10/09 Berlin, Germany @ West Germany
10/11 Stockholm, Sweden @ Southside
10/12 Goteborg, Sweden @ Koloni
10/14 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Stengade
10/15 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
10/16 Hannover, Germany @ Sturmglocke
10/17 Uthrect, Holland @ DB’s
10/18 Harlem, Holland @ Patronaat
10/20 Kortrijk, Belgium @ The Pit’s
10/29 Barcelona, Spain @ Lupita del Raval
10/30 Madrid, Spain @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
10/31 Libson, Portugal @ ZDB
11/01 Guimarâes @ Portugal @ TBA
11/02 Bermeo, Spain @ Beleza Malandra Ateneo Kulturala
11/03 Vitoria, Spain @ Ibu Host
11/07 Roma, Italy @ Dal Verme
11/08 Verona, Italy @ White Rabbit
11/09 Luzern @ Switzerland @ Sudpol
11/12 Wien, Austria @ Arena (Sacred Bones showcase with Follakzoid)
11/14 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Alte Hackerei

As of this week, Audacity begins a two-month stretch on the road in support of their new Finders Keepers LP on Suicide Squeeze. We've still got plenty of limited color copies on hand of their split 7" with Big Eyes, and recently re-pressed their 2010 release on Volar, the "Ears and Eyes" 7" EP, produced by Rob Barbato of Darker My Love/La Sera/Cass McCombs and artwork by Tim Presley of Darker My Love/White Fence. Stream and order both below.
Audacity/Big Eyes split 7" ft. "Bottle It Up"/"Half the Time" at our webstore

Audacity - "Ears and Eyes" 7" on limited clear vinyl at our webstore

Strange Mutations Vol. 1 7" set w/ Eat Skull, Beaters, Audacity/Big Eyes, Stalins of Sound, and Far Corners at our webstore

Strange Mutations at Bandcamp

 The great Cosmonauts just got back home a few days ago after months touring the US and Europe. We've still got limited red vinyl on hand for the "Wear Your Hair Like a Weapon"/"Sweet Talk" 7". Both tracks were re-recorded for their recent Persona non Grata LP on Burger Records, but these are the earlier, rougher, dare-we-say tougher, versions. Stream and order the 7" below.
$6 at our webstore

Strange Mutations Vol. 2 7" set ft. Cosmonauts, Teenage Burritos, Fine Steps, Lenz at our webstore

Strange Mutations Vol. 2 at Bandcamp

Touring has been pretty endless for Shannon and the Clams recently, heading out in a couple of weeks after having just gotten back from Europe while pushing their recent Dreams in the Rat House LP on Hardly Art. We've still got limited clear copies of their "Gremlins Crawl"/"White Rabbit" 7" from last year on hand. Stream and order it below.

$5 at our webstore

$5 at Bandcamp

Things have been fairly quiet for both Lenguas Largas and Digital Leather, longtime friends of each other. (LL main man Isaac Reyes, who just returned from a Euro tour with the Resonars, spent years playing live with DL as well.) We just re-pressed both LL's Ese Culito one-sided 12" and DL's Infinite Sun 12" on limited clear vinyl. Stream and order both below.

Lenguas Largas - Ese Culito one-sided 12" limited clear re-press at our webstore

At our Bandcamp

Digital Leather - Infinite Sun 12" at our webstore

At our Bandcamp

04 August, 2013

TOURS GALORE: Shannon and the Clams, Destruction Unit, Cosmonauts, Audacity

Lots of exciting tour (and other) news out of the Volar camp.  First up, those two images above?  Destruction Unit have a great new LP (I've heard it, trust me), Deep Trip (order it here), due out on August 13th via our good friends over at Sacred Bones.  So anyway, that first image is from Rolling Stone, who just include D. Unit in a short list of the best recent live bands in the country.  That second image is courtesy of Vice Magazine, who just named Deep Trip LP of the Month.  I couldn't be more excited for everyone involved.  The band is hitting the road in a few weeks, starting here in San Diego (I'll be DJing), and just in time for it, we're re-pressing limited clear copies (buy it here) of the Sonoran LP we released back in 2011.  Check the Bandcamp/Soundcloud links and dates below, and read interviews with band over at Ad Hoc and Noisey.

08/23 San Diego, CA @ VOID
08/24 Los Angeles, CA @ Complex
08/26 San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock
08/28 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
08/29 Seattle, WA @ Barboza
08/31 Vancouver, BC @ Sun Fest $
09/01 Boise, ID @ The Crux
09/03 Denver, CO @ 7th Street Arts Collective
09/07 Detroit, MI @ Trinosophes @
09/08 Toronto, ON @ The Drake Hotel
09/09 Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
09/11 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge +
09/12 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie +
09/14 Washington DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel +
09/15 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery +
09/17 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone +
09/18 Athens, GA @ Caledonia +
09/19 Atlanta, GA @ 529 +#
09/22 Houston, TX @ Mangos +
09/24 Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios+
09/25 Memphis, TN @ Gonerfest 10
10/09 Berlin, Germany @ West Germany
10/11 Stockholm, Sweden @ Southside
10/12 Goteborg, Sweden @ Koloni
10/14 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Stengade
10/15 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
10/16 Hannover, Germany @ Sturmglocke
10/17 Uthrect, Holland @ DB’s
10/18 Harlem, Holland @ Patronaat
10/20 Kortrijk, Belgium @ The Pit’s
10/29 Barcelona, Spain @ Lupita del Raval
10/30 Madrid, Spain @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
10/31 Libson, Portugal @ ZDB
11/01 Guimarâes @ Portugal @ TBA
11/02 Bermeo, Spain @ Beleza Malandra Ateneo Kulturala
11/03 Vitoria, Spain @ Ibu Host
11/07 Roma, Italy @ Dal Verme
11/08 Verona, Italy @ White Rabbit
11/09 Luzern @ Switzerland @ Sudpol
11/12 Wien, Austria @ Arena (Sacred Bones showcase with Follakzoid)
11/14 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Alte Hackerei

Shannon and the Clams are out in Europe right, enjoying a great tour that ends this week on the heels of all the crazy traction they've gotten from the recent release of Rats in the Dream House via our buddies at Hardly Art, who also just released the great Hunx and His Punx Street Punk LP that much of which Shannon wrote and plays on.  We're re-pressing the "Gremlins Crawl"/"White Rabbit" 7" on clear vinyl as well (buy it here), check out those tracks and the tour dates soon.

09.06.13 - Barcelona, ES - Gambeat Weekend Festival
09.07.13 - San Sebastian, ES - Kutxa Kultur Festival
09.08.13 - Pamplona, ES - Bar Nebula
09.09.13 - Bordeaux, FR - Cafe Pompier
09.10.13 - Rennes, FR - Mondo Bizarro
09.11.13 - Paris, FR - Point Ephemere
09.12.13 - London, UK - Shacklewell Arms
09.13.13 - Brixton, UK - Brixton Windmill
09.14.13 - Southend on Sea, UK - Railway Hotel
09.15.13 - London, UK - Disco Loco in the Park Fest (Springfield Park, Hackney)
09.15.13 - Liverpool, UK - Kazimier
09.16.13 - Brighton, UK - The Hope
09.18.13 - Antwerpen, BE - Kavka
09.19.13 - Rotterdam, NL - Club Vibes
09.20.13 - Utrecht, NL - DB's
09.21.13 - Amsterdam, NL - Concerto Record Store (early)
09.21.13 - Haarlem, NL - Patronaat (late)
09.22.13 - Tilburg, NL - Incubate Festival
09.23.13 - Berlin, DE - The Monarch
09.24.13 - Munster, DE - Gleis 22
09.25.13 - Groningen, NL - Vera
09.26.13 - Copenhagen, DK - Drone Bar
09.27.13 - Gothenburg, SE - Pustervik
09.28.13 - Stockholm, SE - Strand

 Audacity are out for a bit at the moment as well, and we're also re-pressing the "Ears and Eyes" 7" EP (buy it here) from back in 2011 that we co-released with I Hate Rock n Roll, with cover art by our bud Tim Presley of White Fence/Darker My Love. Tracks and dates below.

THU AUG 1 - OAKLAND, CA @ 1234 Go! Records
with Terry Malts and Yogurt Brain


SUN AUG 4 - SEATTLE, WA @ The Highline

MON AUG 5 - TACOMA, WA @ The Lady Safari
with Summer Twins

TUE AUG 6 - VANCOUVER, BC @ The Redgate
with B-Lines and The Courtneys
WED AUG 7 - EUGENE, OR @ Pork Magazine House Show w/ King Tuff

THU AUG 8 - DAVIS, CA @ Third Space Theory (946 Olive Drive)
with Charles Albright, Croissants

 Last on the list for this month, OC psych/garage greats Cosmonauts having been touring non-stop for most of this year, and they'll be leaving in a couple of weeks for a big 'ole jaunt around Europe.  We've got limited color copies of the "Wear Your Hair Like a Weapon"/"Sweet Talk" 7" on Volar (buy it here) ready for the guys before they fly out, and the 7" is also a part of the Strange Mutations Vol. 2 (buy it here), which also includes new 7"s by Teenage Burritos, Lenz, and Fine Steps.

17 Aug 2013 - UK - Liverpool - The Shipping Forecast
18 Aug 2013 - UK - Brighton - Sausage Fest
19 Aug 2013 - UK - TBA
20 Aug 2013 - UK - London - The Shacklewell Arms
21 Aug 2013 - BE - Brussels - Madame Moustache
22 Aug 2013 - BE - Kortrijk - The Pit's
23 Aug 2013 - NL - Den Bosch - World Skate Centre
24 Aug 2013 - NL - Groningen - Vera
25 Aug 2013 - NL - Utrecht - dB's (Subbacultcha Presents)
26 Aug 2013 - DE - Berlin - 8MM Night @ Bassy
27 Aug 2013 - DK - Aalborg - 1000Fryd
28 Aug 2013 - DK - Copenhagen - KB18
29 Aug 2013 - NO - Oslo - Revolver
30 Aug 2013 - SE - Stockholm - Southside
31 Aug 2013 - SE - Göteborg - Showdown Henriksberg
01 Sep 2013 - SE - Malmö - Gallery Loyal
02 Sep 2013 - DE - Leipzig - TBA
03 Sep 2013 - AT - Vienna - Rhiz
04 Sep 2013 - AT - Graz - Bang Bang Club
05 Sep 2013 - CH - Aarau - KiFF
06 Sep 2013 - IT - Legnago - White Rabbit
07 Sep 2013 - IT - Ravenna - Hana-Bi
08 Sep 2013 - FR - Marseille - La Machine à Coudre
09 Sep 2013 - SP - Barcelona - Be Good
10 Sep 2013 - SP - Madrid - Wurlitzer Ballroom
11 Sep 2013 - SP - San Sebastian - Bukowski
12 Sep 2013 - FR - La Rochelle - Le Barbarella
13 Sep 2013 - FR - Nantes - Le Ferrailleur
14 Sep 2013 - FR - Paris - Espace B